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Robust self-testing with applications to device-independent cryptography

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Self-testing of binary observables based on commutation

Author(s): Jędrzej Kaniewski
Published in: Physical Review A, Issue 95/6, 2017, ISSN 2469-9926
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.95.062323

Geometry of the set of quantum correlations

Author(s): Koon Tong Goh, Jędrzej Kaniewski, Elie Wolfe, Tamás Vértesi, Xingyao Wu, Yu Cai, Yeong-Cherng Liang, Valerio Scarani
Published in: Physical Review A, Issue 97/2, 2018, ISSN 2469-9926
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.97.022104

Self-testing quantum states and measurements in the prepare-and-measure scenario

Author(s): Tavakoli, Armin; Kaniewski, Jedrzej; Vertesi, Tamas; Rosset, Denis; Brunner, Nicolas
Published in: Issue 1, 2018

Self-testing entangled measurements in quantum networks

Author(s): Marc Olivier Renou, Jędrzej Kaniewski, Nicolas Brunner
Published in: 2018

Maximal nonlocality from maximal entanglement and mutually unbiased bases, and self-testing of two-qutrit quantum systems

Author(s): Jędrzej Kaniewski, Ivan Šupić, Jordi Tura, Flavio Baccari, Alexia Salavrakos, Remigiusz Augusiak
Published in: 2018