CORDIS - EU research results

Video analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities


VICTORIA Interface control document

Internal and external interfaces of VICTORIA: data objects, different type of interfaces calls, configuration files, etc. Description of how analytics modules can be added into VICTORIA

The VAFI community and marketplace

Platform hosting the VAFI community with marketplace functions as described in section 2.

Standardisation actions

Report about the standardisation actions carried out in the project the results.

VICTORIA analytics contests and conference

Report about the VICTORIA public dissemination events organised in the last project year.

Training process and evaluation performance

This document will provide the report on training activities organized for the preparation of the VICTORIA prototype V1 (M22) and V2 (M28) evaluations. These training activities will be performed in the two different workshops stated in T8.4. The training evaluation results of both workshops will be also described in this deliverable.

Training curricula development and scheduling

Using a skill-based structure, the document will produce training curricula adapted to the end-users' needs in order to meet their training requirements

Training methodologies and evaluation criteria definition

In this deliverable will be produced the VICTORIA training methodologies for going beyond the current end users training programs and cover the end users’ training needs and targets.

VICTORIA Dissemination plan

Document describing the strategy and operational plan to raise awareness about the VICTORIA project.

Training contents and tools selection

This document will describe the produced training contents for the LEA members including contents on legal procedures, privacy and ethical principles. In addition, the selection of the developed tools for performing the training will be also shown.


Image Image in the Database… Tell Me Tell Me Who Is That Face

Author(s): Els Kindt
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Criminal Profiling and Non-Discrimination: On Firm Grounds for the Digital Era?

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How Machine Learning Generates Unfair Inequalities and How Data Protection Instruments May Help in Mitigating Them

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Generic Object Detection and Tracking for Accelerating Video Analysis within VICTORIA

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Large Scale Audio-Visual Video Analytics Platform for Forensic Investigations of Terroristic Attacks

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Audiovisual Annotation Procedure for Multi-view Field Recordings

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Computer vision meets visual analytics: enabling 4D crime scene investigation from image and video data

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Merge-SfM: Merging Partial Reconstructions

Author(s): Fang, Meiling; Pollok, Thomas; Qu, Chengchao
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Publisher: BMVC

Generic Object and Motion Analytics for Accelerating Video Analysis within VICTORIA

Author(s): D. Schreiber, M. Boyer, E. Broneder, A. Opitz, S. Veigl
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Large Scale Audio-Visual Video Analytics Platform for Forensic Investigations of Terroristic Attacks

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Visual Analytics for Semi-Automatic 4D Crime Scene Reconstruction

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Towards Accountability: The Formalization and Articulation of Fairness in Machine Learning

Author(s): Laurens Naudts
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The Articulation of Fair Machine Learning: Luck Equality and Group Differentiation

Author(s): Laurens Naudts
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Fair or Unfair Algorithmic Differentiation? Luck Egalitarianism as a lens for evaluating algorithmic decision-making

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Breaking the Curse of Visual Data Exploration: Improving Analyses by Building Bridges between Data World and Real World

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Unsupervised cross-modal audio representation learning from unstructured multilingual text

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A Novel Low Processing Time System for Criminal Activities Detection Applied to Command and Control Citizen Security Centers

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Toward Mass Video Data Analysis: Interactive and Immersive 4D Scene Reconstruction

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Having yes, using no? About the new legal regime for biometric data

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Intellectual Property Rights


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Date: 2018-11-08

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