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Point-of-care device based on KETs for diagnosis of food allergies


Final dissemination plan

Last version of the dissemination plan

Health Technology Assessment v2

This second version will encompass how the design of the clinical trial will be in order to gather solid evidence against current gold standard and the assessment related to the performance of the AlleScreening device

Health Technology Assessment v1

This is the first version of the Health Technology Assessment. It defines the criteria that a device for detecting allergies in the PoC should meet to be cost-effective against current clinical practice.

Handbook on management

The Management handbook summarises all the required knowledge for the good management of the project (in terms of administrative forms, financial aspects, quality process…).

Initial dissemination plan

The dissemination plan encompasses the publications to be developed, the target groups to aim at and the platforms to use to make known the project and its results.

Updated dissemination report

This is an updated version of the dissemination plan.

Dissemination material (Project e-newsletters and brochures).

Dissemination materials such as newsletters and brochures.

Project public website

This is a the project website to make known the project. It will also be a tool to manage the internal documents related to the project among its partners.

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Molecular allergology and its impact in specific allergy diagnosis and therapy

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NLRP3 priming due to skin damage precedes LTP allergic sensitization in a mouse model

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A Comparative Study of Human Saposins

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Energy Landscapes of Ligand Motion Inside the Tunnel-Like Cavity of Lipid Transfer Proteins: The Case of the Pru p 3 Allergen

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Glycosylated nanostructures in sublingual immunotherapy induce long-lasting tolerance in LTP allergy mouse model

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A Point-of-Care Based on Label-Free Interferometric Optical Detection Method to Evaluate Interferon Gamma (IFN-γ): A Correlation with the ELISA Technique

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Are Physicochemical Properties Shaping the Allergenic Potency of Plant Allergens?

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The key to the allergenicity of lipid transfer protein (LTP) ligands: A structural characterization

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Optical Vapor Sensors Based on Periodic Resonant Nanopillar Structures

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