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Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface


Data broker

The extended version of UNCAP toolkit ensuring data brokering among the various CAPTAIN subsystems based on the hardware developed as D.3.4

Summary of Pilot-related regulatory requirements

This deliverable will specify the regulatory framework of any pilots and the basic indication for trials design.

Project management and quality control plan

This report will define all the project management framework along with all project quality control procedures, including a detailed description of project structure, partner responsibilities, quality control mechanisms, documentation control, documentation formats and exchange rules

Media Pack

A comprehensive set of dissemination elements including: logo, banner, flyer, brochure, poster, official short description. Dissemination material will be edited in English and the languages of all partners involved.

Pilot deployment & test plan

This deliverable will describe the activities which will involve all pilot-related partners.

First version of user requirements analysis

This deliverable will provide a reference set of user requirements. It will constitute a reference guide for the development of different functions of the CAPTAIN ecosystem.

Pilot trials in living labs methodology

This deliverable will define how the production of experimental datasets will be conducted. It will also provide information on the methodology that will be used during the continuous data collection pilot trials.

Assessment Plan

This deliverable will provide the assessment framework for the proposed system, in terms of technical components, clinical evaluation and effectiveness perspective, as well as a whole. It will also present the guidelines for evaluating user acceptance of the CAPTAIN system

Dissemination plan

A calendar of all the events and dissemination actions planned by all the partners. The document will be edited as a calendar of events where CAPTAIN presence will be ensured or events organised by CAPTAIN to address specific communities. The calendar will be published on the website of the project and constantly updated.

First version of Ethics and Safety Manual

This report will define the first version of ethical and safety management issues

Test dataset

This deliverable is a dataset (3D point clouds, videos, etc.) produced using the first hardware prototype (D.3.1) to allow development and testing of software components

Low-level software components

This is the software capable to process the data from the hardware prototype (D.3.1 and D.3.2)

Hardware prototype Alpha release

This deliverable is a first release of the hardware for input, output. The solution will not need be completely integrated neither the outside casing will be finished. The prototype will be however able to provide data to necessary for the low-level software components to test its functioning

Data management plan

The plan concerning the open research data management according to the guidelines for data management in the H2020 Online Manual. The document will be first released at M06 and then updated at M36 to account for evolution of project’s activities.

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56Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface (CAPTAIN): Co-production of a Radically New Human Computer Interface with Older Adults

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Exploring health profiles from physical and cognitive serious game analytics

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Co-production of a Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface (CAPTAIN) for older adults

Author(s): Louise Hopper
Published in: 66th Annual & Scientific Meeting, Irish Gerontological Society (IGS), 2018

Extending CAPTAIN system's interoperability on the local and server side

Author(s): Evdokimos Konstaninidis, Giuseppe Conti, Francesco Verini, Despoina Petsani, Panagiotis D. Bamidis
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Ethical considerations in the digital age of health and social care

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Empathize with the CAPTAIN Stakeholders’ Community towards Understanding Older Adults’ Daily Needs and How They Cope with Them

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Incorporating PPI into the H2020 CAPTAIN Project - An eCoaching assistant for older adults and those with dementia

Author(s): Joanne Carroll, Louise Hopper
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Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface

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