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The geometry of chromatic categories

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Derived completion for comodules

Author(s): Tobias Barthel, Drew Heard, Gabriel Valenzuela
Published in: manuscripta mathematica, 2019, ISSN 0025-2611
Publisher: Springer Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s00229-018-1094-0

On the Balmer spectrum for compact Lie groups

Author(s): Barthel, Tobias; Greenlees, J. P. C.; Hausmann, Markus
Published in: Compositio Mathematica, 2019, ISSN 0010-437X
Publisher: London Mathematical Society

Chromatic structures in stable homotopy theory

Author(s): Barthel, Tobias; Beaudry, Agnès
Published in: Handbook of Homotopy Theory, 2019
Publisher: CRC Press

Monochromatic homotopy theory is asymptotically algebraic

Author(s): Barthel, Tobias; Schlank, Tomer M.; Stapleton, Nathaniel
Published in: 2019

Completing perfect complexes

Author(s): Tobias Barthel, Bernhard Keller, and Henning Krause
Published in: 2018

Constructing the determinant sphere using a Tate twist

Author(s): Barthel, Tobias; Beaudry, Agnès; Goerss, Paul G.; Stojanoska, Vesna
Published in: 2018

A Whitehead theorem for periodic homotopy groups

Author(s): Barthel, Tobias; Heuts, Gijs; Meier, Lennart
Published in: 2019

On stratification for spaces with Noetherian mod p cohomology

Author(s): Tobias Barthel, Natalia Castellana, Drew Heard, and Gabriel Valenzuela
Published in: 2019

A short introduction to the telescope and chromatic splitting conjectures

Author(s): Barthel, Tobias
Published in: Surveys around Ohkawa's theorem on Bousfield classes, 2019
Publisher: Springer