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Hydrogen Supply and Transportation using liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers


LOHC production cost estimation study

In this deliverable the LOHC production for dibenzyltoluene as LOHC material for large scale applications will be estimated based on current low-volume prices and by applying typical scale-up process steps. The cost of the carrier material dibenzyltoluene will be analysed in dependency of production scale. The analysis will include production (synthesis and product recovery) cost estimate for LOHC liquid (dibenzyltoluene) including both material and energy balances of the process.

Review of regulations and Codes & Standards

In this report the regulations and codes & standards will be reviewed to ensure conformity of the final StorageBOX and ReleaseBOX design with all regulatory requirements particularly focussing on the sites of VTT and WOI and the targeted hydrogen fuelling application.

Potential environmental implications of LOHC concepts

The environmental impacts of the overall concept of LOHC-based hydrogen supply to a refuelling station will be included in this deliverable taking European and global market potential for HRS and market analysis of additional hydrogen distribution markets into account.

Interim report of initial fuel cell stability measurements

This interim report of initial fuel cell stability measurements includes the results of the hydrogen fuel cell stability tests that are carried out in the first 12 months of the project.

Potential DBT mixtures identified

Alternative LOHC mixtures will be screened and analyzed. This report will include the results of the screening process and evaluate the potential of mixtures of DBT with other LOHC materials to achieve better hydrogen storage performance.

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