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PTwist: An open platform for plastics lifecycle awareness, monetization, and sustainable innovation


PTwist Tier-1 gamification toolkit

An application layer open source toolkit which will include all tools developed per pilot and in integration with the PTwist Platform’s blockchain monitoring.

Social Data Collection and Processing Pipeline

Generalizable component that implements the heterogeneous social media content collection and processing pipeline.

PTwist Platform Release [M12, M24])

A synthetic deliverables will be issued each year of the project that will document the platform modules versions and release notes.

Implementations and Best Practices Report

Reports on how the implementations progressed, about best practices in intertwining global (PTwist platform) and local (pilot partners) feedback and coaching for establishing local plastics-as-an-asset-ecosystems, as well as about success factors and pitfalls in the implementation phase.

Pilot Events and Winning Ideas Report

Report about pilot events in the regions, the competition and ides selection process and presents the winning ideas.

Users Engagement and Communities Empowerment Report

It analyses the user engagement indicators from the pilots and the actions to ensure users’ familiarization with the platform during the pilots. These related outcomes will be presented and further examined to evaluate the PTwist platform’s QoE, and will feed into T6.5.

PTwist reward and incentive monitoring

A report which will summarize all rewarding and incentivizing methodologies and approaches highlighting their suitability and appropriateness for the Ptwist’s blockchain based monetizing.

Business/Use cases

A set of business/use cases, reflecting the different focusses of the foreseen PTwist pilots, and relate in an accessible and understandable way the benefits of PTWist for each of the different targeted groups, stakeholder and communities.

Report on Qualitative Crowdsourced and Open Data Filtering Methodology

Description and evaluation of the developed topic detection filtering methodology.

Pilot Training Manual

A training manual for end-users.

User Commitment Best Practices and Actions

Document which includes user engagement indicators, best practices and actions which undertaken within PTwist in order to ensure users’ engagement and commitment

Dissemination materials & tools

Mix of dissemination materials to be used in the project, which are based upon the visual identity, each with their own delivery date. The initial set of materials identified are (but not limited to): PTwist website; social media; leaflet; newsletters; press release and standard presentation

PTwist ICO Campaign Report

The result of the ICO campaign will be reported at M18, in particular the rationale for the ICO main characteristics will be explained and the associated results explained.

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LOCAST: Optimal Location Casting by Crowdsourcing and Open Data Integration

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Demo: Diligent — An OSN Data Integration System Based on Reactive Microservices

Author(s): Alexandros Tsilingiris, Ilias Dimitriadis, Athena Vakali, Georgios Andreadis
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A crowdsourcing approach to advance collective awareness and social good practices

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Understanding niche innovation systems for plastic revaluation set up by universities and NGOs

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PlasticCoin: an ERC20 Implementation on Hyperledger Fabric for Circular Economy and Plastic Reuse

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Tokens für die Kunststoffökonomie von morgen: Ein Forschungsprojekt zeigt neue Wege

Author(s): Julie Harboe, Patricia Wolf, Urs Gaudenz, Chris Obrist
Published in: 2019