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EMPowering Heterogeneous Aviation through cellular SIgnalS


Concept of advanced flight support services for GA/R

This deliverable will describe proposed flight support services reflecting GA/R needs and benefiting from low cost datalink technologies explored in this Work Package.

Report on joint use of GNSS and radio network positioning

Report providing definition of methods and algorithms for joint network-based and GNSS-based positioning and tracking of aircraft, including solutions to detect and indicate error conditions. The performance of positioning solutions is tested and evaluated in conceptual level at least in terms of positioning accuracy, reliability, latency, availability, integrity, computational power, scalability, and consistency.

Report on positioning evaluation

Proof-of-concept level documentation of testing results regarding the developed navigation solutions in context of the use case scenarios defined in ConOps.

Open challenges in wireless communication network usage for low cost data-link and flight support services for GA/R

This deliverable will present the main findings in Task 3.1, together with recommendations and requirements definitions for the low cost data-links in aviation.

Initial Concept of Operations

Report describing initial project’s assumptions and expectations about the roles of individual explored technologies, how they answer the needs of GA/R users and envisioned benefits for the GA/R operations.

Demonstration plan

Report describing demonstration plan for the final project demo – scope, scenarios, objectives, metrics, etc.

Concept for alternative certification approach of GA/R systems

Report describing proposed approaches how to certify GA/R avionics systems benefiting from technological and operational differences with respect to the commercial aviation.

Demonstration report

Report documenting the results from the final project demo.

Final Project Results Report

Final Project Results Report

Report on performance evaluation of low-cost ADS-B

Report describing results of the evaluation of low cost ADS-B transceiver performance. It will cover a summary of the evaluation plan, results of the evaluation as well as list of identified open points and potential technological gaps.

INS/GNSS Fusion description report

Report describing the different receiver architectures to apply INS/GNSS Fusion. Evaluation of the INS/GNSS Fusion performances depending on the receiver architecture in an appropriate channel condition as elaborated in previous task and deliverables.

Radio channels and their use for drones positioning

Report describing both air-to-ground and ground-to-air radio propagation channels, and algorithms for generating radio channel simulations. Description of algorithms for the most potential network-based positioning technologies, and additionally, methods to estimate the reliability and consistency of positioning estimates.

Application of alternative certification approach application to low cost ADS-B

Report describing the example applications of the proposed certification approach to the case of low cost ADS-B.

Beamforming solutions to cope with the data link challenges in aviation

This deliverable will summarize the implemented algorithms, with results and detailed description of the algorithmic implementation.

Final Concept of Operations

Report describing refined Concept of Operations based on the initial research work on individual technologies and the feedback from project’s stakeholders. This document will be an important input for transition into Industrial Research.

Report on precise positioning solutions comprising evaluation of integrity and anti-spoofing concept

Report defining the methods and algorithms for precise positioning considering GNSS-based navigation assisted by cellular signals. Evaluation of the results for enhancing integrity and reliability of navigation/localisation applications by this combination. In this context, also the performance of the proposed solution for the integrity and anti-spoofing concept is evaluated.

Low-cost ADS-B and obstacle detection technical concept

Report documenting the technical concept of low-cost ADS-B and obstacle detection for rotorcrafts describing both technical and certification aspects, and identifying the key research questions/hypothesis to be answered/validated.

Report on performance evaluation of obstacle detection for rotorcraft

Report describing results of the performance evaluation concerning obstacles detection for rotorcraft. It will consist of a feasibility study referring to requirements of the Concept of Operations (WP2) complemented with recommendations for future work to address any potential identified gaps.

mmWave solutions to cope with the data link challenges in aviation

This deliverable will summarize the findings regarding mmWave, with results and detailed description of the algorithmic implementation.

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Empowering Heterogeneous Communication Data Links in General Aviation through mmWave Signals

Author(s): Wenbo Wang, Jukka Talvitie, Eva Josth Adamova, Thilo Fath, Lubos Korenciak, Mikko Valkama, Elena Simona Lohan
Published in: IEEE Wireless Communications, 26/6, 2019, Page(s) 164-171, ISSN 1536-1284
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
DOI: 10.1109/mwc.0001.1800593