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Autonomous emergency manoeuvring and movement monitoring for road transport security


Data Management Plan

DMP describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated by a Horizon 2020 project. As part of making research data findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR), a DMP include information on: · the handling of research data during and after the end of the project · what data will be collected, processed and/or generated · which methodology and standards will be applied · whether data will be shared/made open access and · how data will be curated and preserved (including after the end of the project)

Galileo Positioning System for Trucks

A prototypical system using Galileo and other GNSS will be built up.

Test and demo precise vehicle positioning

Test and demo of WP2 and WP3 module on GNSS positioning and map preview (horizon) on and off road.

Movement monitoring with critical area alarm/eCall

Demonstration on public roads with critical area Alarm.

Implementation of risk communication to vehicle (V2V)

Demonstration of implemented risk communication to vehicle.

TransSec website 1

Project website with continuous information on objectives, plans, dissemination activities and results. Major updates until month 24 and 36.

Project Management Handbook

Quick and short overview of the most relevant project information, procedures and conditions for the participants in the project. Furthermore, the purpose of this document is to elaborate on issues given in the contract and Consortium Agreement that need further explanation to become operative.

Dissemination results

Report on dissemination activities and first results.

Requirements for positioning quality

The deliverable reports the derived quality regarding the monitoring and controlling level.

Testing and Validation of the Positioning System

Report on the procedure and results of the positioning system Validation.

Methodology for test and pilots

Report describes methodology for preparing and conducting tests and pilots.

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