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Autonomous emergency manoeuvring and movement monitoring for road transport security

Project description

Improving road transport security

Recent terror attacks in various countries, causing fatalities, injuries, and extensive damages. These incidents, such as in Nice and Berlin, have underscored the dangers arising from the improper use of heavy vehicles, such as trucks, and their payloads. Moreover, they have brought to light the existing deficiency in preventive measures that are currently available and implemented. In this context, the EU-funded TransSec project will develop and extensively evaluate an innovative system that can be integrated into trucks or used alongside them, with the purpose of enhancing safety during the transportation of goods and deterring misuse. This system encompasses a range of features, including advanced positioning and navigation capabilities, comprehensive monitoring of vehicles and cargo, autonomous manoeuvring functions, and more.


The TransSec project addresses a new danger in European countries, the increasing number of terror attacks. Recent terror attacks with trucks in Nice and Berlin have shown drastically the damage a heavy truck can cause, how easy it is to misuse a truck for attacks and that newest safety systems cannot prevent these attacks. As a consequence road transport safety has to be supplemented by road transport security. TransSec aims to initiate the development of this Security Truck.
The project objective is:
Development and evaluation of systems built-in or to be used by trucks for secure road transport of (dangerous) goods.
Preventing trucks and transport of goods to be misused for other purposes such as terror attacks.
Specific objectives are:
• Precise vehicle positioning and navigation on road (lane) and off road
• Vehicle movement monitoring for dangerous goods with critical area alarm/eCall
• Vehicle communication security for critical information exchange
• Onboard precrash environment detection of vulnerable objects on/ off road
• Non-defeatable autonomous emergency manoeuvring for crash prevention on/off road
The implementation is done in an explorative and incremental development cycle with early prototypes adding functionality step by step. Demonstrations with a truck on and off road will show solutions after 12, 24 and 36 months. Testing and pilots on public roads and public areas will prove a higher level of security.

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