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Infradev - European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure


Press release

A press release will be developed and distributed on the occasion of the EPTRI Kick-off Meeting in order to raise awareness about the launch of the new project and get familiar with the idea of the new research infrastructure.

Communication and Dissemination Plan

The Communication and Dissemination Plan will be developed to guarantee the optimal communication between the partners, spread the word about the milestones of the EPTRI project from the public perspective and disseminate the benefits of the patients’ participation in the paediatric research.

Brochure with the portfolio of services of the RI

A brochure intended as a portfolio of services that will be delivered by the paediatric research infrastructure will be developed with the aim to contribute to disseminate the project between academia, governments and pharma companies. This deliverable is related to the Task 11.3

Project website

A project website will be developed and will include several pages describing the aim of the project, the Consortium, the activities of the Work Packages, the expertise of the involved partners, the toolkits for patients’ participation (that will be a deliverable of the task) and a section dedicated to news and events.

Facebook profile

A fanpage will be launched at the beginning of the project and will contribute not only to disseminate the news but also to educate and generate awareness about the importance of patients’ participation in paediatric research.

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EPTRI – European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure. Bridging the gaps of the paediatric excellence medicine

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The Free Radical Scavenger N-Tert-Butyl-α-Phenylnitrone (PBN) Administered to Immature Rats During Status Epilepticus Alters Neurogenesis and Has Variable Effects, Both Beneficial and Detrimental, on Long-Term Outcomes

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