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Development of novel and cost effective corrosion resistant coatings for high temperature geothermal applications


A project website

(Task 10.3) The project website will be created and regularly updated by TWI.

Influence of passive film on the corrosion behaviour of the HEA coating

(Task 3.6) For HVOF coatings, TEH will do experiments to establish the optimum parameters that should be reached to obtain a dense, continuous layer to achieve the surface requirements.

Report on characterisation of geothermal fluid

(Task 1.2) Collect samples of geothermal fluid from four different geothermal wells and analyse those in detail, as described in the DOA. ON will be supported by UoI and ICI in characterisation of the geothermal fluid, identification of the potential scope of Geo-Coat and review of the KPI and current options for representative substrate.

Influence of heat treatment on mechanical and chemical properties of PFTE based composite coating

(Task 4.5) The report will summarise the results of the heat treatment on the properties of the plated composite material.

Phase transformation rules to apply heat treatment during the HEA coating synthesis

(Task 3.6) Scientific study on the passive film and heat treatment on corrosion behaviour of HEAs. UPB will provide the study on phase transformation rules for HEA.

Influence of laser cladding process parameters on the substrate melting

(Task 3.5) Using samples from Task 3.4 (D3.3), TWI will study the influence of laser cladding process parameter on substrate melting and effect of passive film and heat treatment on corrosion behaviour.

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