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Using Living Labs to roll out Sustainable Strategies for Energy Poor Individuals


Public website

Informing all interested audience about the project concept and objectives, and in particular the Living Labs.

Energy Poverty Assessment and Reduction Tools Version V1

1st version of the integrated web based platform incl. mobile apps, LCA, Energy tools and base data.

Strategy and planning of communication activities

Report on all communication activities planned during project lifetime.

Progress report on STEP-IN Community development

Report on community creation and networking activities, including an engagement strategy and stakeholder consultation plan

Interim Report on V1 Mountain Living Lab

It will include a full assessment of the results of the V1 living lab including data and lessons learned

Assessment report

A review and baseline analysis based on T1.1.

Living Labs Global Methodology and implementation guidelines

Outline of the project living labs methodology with an implementation plan for each location (including market segmentation)

Progress report on Stakeholder Network development

Report on stakeholder networking to achieve STEP-IN sustainability objectives.

Interim Report on V1 Urban Living Labs

It will include a full assessment of the results of the V1 living lab including data and lessons learned

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Transforming Urban Energy Demand: A Timely Challenge

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Gender and energy: domestic inequities reconsidered

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Analyzing energy poverty with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: A step-forward towards a more holistic approach

Author(s): Lefkothea Papada, Nikolas Katsoulakos, Ilias Doulos, Dimitris Kaliampakos, Dimitris Damigos
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