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Towards a green and sustainable ecosystem for the EU Port of the Future


Description of Port Virtual Twin Concept

D6.1 A concept for establishing the digital twin approach for port environments based on the PortForward approach of using interoperable IoT applications and services as the basis for the continuous and consequent collection, processing and use of data for port planning, managing and operation processes; [T6.1].

Cloud Platform integration concept and guidelines

D3.1 Common, standard-based remote management and control solutions will be investigated for the targeted Port-Forward IoT devices; [T3.1].

Use cases analysis

D1.2 Use cases analysis will be elaborated at each of the ports participating in the project with the aim to identify constrains from current management strategies, processes, and legacy systems that shall be addressed by the PortFor-ward ecosystem in order to achieve a successful validation; [T1.2]

Data Management Plan (DMP) V2

D9.6 2nd iteration of the DMP; [T9.5]

Data Management Plan (DMP) V3

D9.7 3rd iteration of the DMP; [T9.5].

Interim (6-monthly) Progress report

D10.2 Report document describing the achieved progress for the first 6 month reporting period; [T10.2].

Data Management Plan (DMP) V1

D9.5 The plan will describe ways to manage all research data, and metadata, during and after the project duration; open data sets, means to access, license attached, updating, etc.; [T9.5].

1st Year Progress report

D10.3 Report document describing the achieved progress for the first 12 month reporting period; [T10.2].

Harmonized user needs and goals

D1.1 Harmonized user needs and goals - The expectations, needs and strategic business objectives of the PortForward ecosystem end-users will be summorized and analyzed; [T1.1]

2nd Year Progress report

D10.4 Report document describing the achieved progress from the 13th till the 24th month reporting period; [T10.2].

Project Website

D9.1 A project website will be developed and also continuously updated with project progress information. It will also include all developed dissemination instruments / assets; [T9.2].

Use cases set up report

D7.2 Report on technical infrastructure on the test sites for the setup of the use cases. Development of GANTT charts for each use case, detailing, as an outcome of the setup phase, all expeted intermediate phases; [T7.1], [T7.1.2].

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A Multimodal Localization Framework Design for IoT Applications

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