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Real time process tracking for production lines and job shops – across the supply chain


Manufacturing SMEs lose $200 billion every year due to defficient process tracking. Manufacturing SMEs are an underserved segment that represent 95% of manufacturers and are an integral component of OEM supply chain networks. More than 80% of SMEs do not possess a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Without these, SMEs rely on paper and spreadsheet-based systems to track their operations, which leads to high processing costs, increased waste, lower productivity and insufficient data and tools to optimize production.
Prodsmart is a Software-as-a-Service cloud MES solution for real time process tracking for production lines and job shops. A complete system for analysis, management and optimization for manufacturing SMEs working in real time.
Prodsmart was founded in 2015, and our team of 14 members has generated a turnover of 200.000€ in 2017 with our current base solution for SMEs that has 51 paying clients (mostly in Portugal). Our SaaS B2C business model is powered by an active sales team.
The Industrial IoT (IIoT) will be worth more than twice the consumer IoT. It is expected that the IIoT market will reach $124 billion by 2021, and investment in Smart Factory Technologies and Industry 4.0 is expected to grow to $200 billion by 2025. Taking into account our target markets of US, EU and Brazil we estimate a TAM of $17 billion, a SAM of $6 billion and we aim to reach a SOM of $120 million.
We initially raised 200.000€ of Venture Capital with Caixa Capital in 2016 to ramp-up our sales in Portugal, and have now just closed a 1,3M€ round of investment from Innovation Nest, Join Capital and 500Start-ups to back-up our sales in the UK and the US.
We have SME clients from all industrial sectors, and unlike our competitors (many of them from the US), we have established a new business model (SaaS) and unexplored target market (Industrial SMEs) that can massively benefit from our solution in order to improve their productivity and reduce costs.

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