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Woodoo Augmented Wood - transforming wood into construction material strong as concrete and translucent as amber

Project description

Making wood as strong as concrete

The rise of urbanisation has resulted in a shortage of construction materials and the use of building materials that are unsustainable. However, steel and concrete cannot be replaced by wood which is not as strong as required. The EU-funded Woodoo project proposes an innovative technology that transforms natural wood into an amplified material that is as strong as concrete and translucent. The technology replaces wood’s lignin with a biopolymer that improves its performance, allowing the construction of wooden buildings and reducing environmental impact. Woodoo will produce small quantities of the product for car suppliers to create auto interiors. The aim is to commercialise for future use by car manufacturers and sawmills for large-level localised production.

Call for proposal


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Net EU contribution
€ 2 272 044,25
83 Boulevard Saint Michel
75005 Paris

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Ile-de-France Ile-de-France Paris
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 973 733,25