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ICT-BIOCHAIN - ICT Tools in Efficient Biomass Supply Chains for Sustainable Chemical Production


Governance structure, communication flow and methods

This deliverable includes a plan to efficiently establish the consortium structure and verify in a timely approach the coherence and the quality of the programme outputs. In addition, it includes the communication flows bottom-up and top-down through conventional methods such as meetings, video-conferences etc.

Train the Trainer Report

The report will be based on the workshop results obtained with other European Bioeconomy regions

ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 technology opportunities for improvement of biomass utilization

This report analyses the ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 needs in the biomass utilisation and what benefits could be achieved with new solutions and practices. The barriers to their introduction and the required enablers (technological or other) are discussed.

Report on potential improvements in efficiency and sustainability of European biomass supply chains

This report will point out the particular opportunities with highest potential for improvement of efficiency and sustainability of the different biomass supply chains. The related drivers, barriers and challenges together with needed enablers - technological or other will be also identified. Specific European opportunities will be highlighted and prioritized for future development.

Roadmap Report for DiHs replication in the European Bioeconomy regions

The aim is to promote efficient Biomass Supply Chains lesding to sustainable chemical production

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan

It will detail all proposed dissemination and communication activities and those related to the exploitation of ICT-BIOCHAIN results.

Project Newsletter- 2nd Issue

Biannual e-newsletter on the developments and implementation of the project, and other relevant activities in bioeconomy digitization - 2nd issue

Report of the IPR management activities

This report will include information abour the IPR tasks performed during the project such as technological watch and IPR propositions for an optimal protection.

Assessment of current ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions in European biomass utilization.

This report reviews the current state of the art in the use of ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions in the biomass supply chains and describes the available technologies and solutions.

Communication channels operability

SIE will develop diverse communication tools to engage the stakeholders across the biomass supply value chain and to obtain their feedback of the platform and to be continuously improving the service

Regional base definition report

This deliverable will sum up current situation at regional level regarding ICT, IoT, Industry 4.0 and biomass supply chains.

Project Newsletter- 3rd Issue

Biannual e-newsletter on the developments and implementation of the project, and other relevant activities in bioeconomy digitization - 3rd issue

Report on Regional and EU Funding Mechanisms

The reports aims at exploiting innovations in the Digital Biobased Economy

Report on the establishment of 2 Digital Innovation Hubs for Biomass Mobilisation in Bioeconomy Regions

This deliverable will detail the structure of each hub, the set of documents produced per each of them and a description of the hub section in project website.

Report on Two Digital Innovation Hub ICT Demonstration Days

This deliverable will detail site/field trips undertaken as part of demonstration day, rationale for selection and gauge participant feedback

Risk Assessment and contigency and mitigation plans

Report including plans for risk assessments and mitigation plans to ensure the proper implementation of the project.

Final Conference Report

Report of the final conference including relevant contributions of ICT-BIOCHAIN.

Project Newsletter- 4th Issue

Biannual e-newsletter on the developments and implementation of the project, and other relevant activities in bioeconomy digitization - 4th issue

Data Management Plan

A report containing a plan to ensure the proper management of data and the procedures of sharing data of the project.

Report on region specific data models

The deliverable is a report that includes the region-specific data models and the results of the comparison (differences, gaps and interlinking possibilities)

Final recommendations for a demand-driven research agenda

A report will be compiled recommending possible fields of actions at European, national and regional level to address existing barriers and further develop the innovation capacity and opportunities for Europe's Digital Biobased Economy. This report will lead to a final demand-driven research agenda on Digitizing the Biobased Economy based on the experiences of 2 regionals hubs and including innovation and innovation management capacity needs towards a Bioeconomy.

Report on 2 Regional Investment Days

This report will detail investments days dedicated to promote financing of high potential ICT opportunity areas for improve supply chain efficiency

Validation report of the platform prototype per each region-specific data models

A final requirements list for an ICT-BIOCHAIN platform and a validated prototype

Project Newsletter - 1st issue

Biannual e-newsletter on the developments and implementation of the project, and other relevant activities in bioeconomy digitization - 1st issue

Report on Two Digital Innovation Hubs Knowledge Transfer Workshops

This report will detail the content of the knowledge transfer activities, detailing participants and feedback from experience

Report on Development of Multi-actor business opportunities

Around 6 Regional Digital Bioeconomy solutions for Sustainable Biomass Mobilisation

E-Learning materials for the DiHs replication

Replication is planned in the European Bioeconomy regions for Efficient Biomass Supply Chains

Definition of ICT-BIOCHAIN platform business model strategies

SIE with the support of all the partners will define the most profitable innovation strategy for maintaining the platform after the project to have an operable platform with the functionalities describes above.

IPR Policy Implementation

This document contains a report including the IPR issues of the project aligned with the Exploitation Plan.

Project Website

Development of the project website (in English, Irish and Spanish)

Video - Final Results

Video to engage the target audience presenting final results of the project.

Video - Project Presentation

Video to engage the target audience in the first months of the project.

Metadata model

The deliverable contains an UML diagram and a short guide on how to use the metadata model.

Platform concept

The deliverable provides on the one hand a documentation of the concept (technology & method) and a first prototype of the platform

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Technologies for Sustainable Biomass Supply—Overview of Market Offering

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Mapping and Analysis of Biomass Supply Chains in Andalusia and the Republic of Ireland

Author(s): Jennifer Attard, Helena McMahon, Pat Doody, Johan Belfrage, Catriona Clark, Judit Anda Ugarte, Maria Natividad Pérez-Camacho, María del Sol Cuenca Martín, Antonio José Giráldez Morales, James Gaffey
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