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Interactive biomembranes for wound management – exploiting the unique wound healing and antimicrobial properties of human collagen VI

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Bioactive antibacterial wound dressing accelerates wound healing

The incidence of chronic wounds is increasing, posing a pressing demand for healthcare and financial resources. An innovative wound dressing product promises to address the unmet needs of patients with chronic wounds such as those suffering from venous leg ulcers and diabetes-related wounds.


Current wound care options can manipulate the wound environment but cannot promote healing and form antibacterial barriers at the same time. Considering the growing problem of bacterial drug resistance, it is of vital importance to develop novel bioactive wound dressings with this dual activity. An innovative wound dressing To address this issue, the EU-funded WOUNDCOM project developed a novel solution based on the healing and antimicrobial properties of human collagen VI. “The idea was to accelerate the wound healing process while protecting the patient against bacterial infection, including multi-drug resistant bacteria,″ explains project coordinator and CEO of COLZYX Eskil Söderlind. WOUNDCOM is the first product that uses natural, highly functional molecules from the human innate immune system in wound management. It combines the use of potent molecules derived from human collagen VI attached to a biomembrane. These molecules are the core of the invention due to their dual wound healing and antimicrobial activity. According to Söderlind: “no other wound dressing on the market uses bioactive molecules that possess more than one function.″ The WOUNDCOM bioactive dressing acts locally in a wound bed mimicking the natural collagen VI activity in the healing process. Importantly, the molecules exhibit naturally evolved biological activity compared to inorganic or small molecules currently used in other wound management solutions. The product has undergone extensive pre-clinical testing using cellular and microbiological assays and relevant animal models. Collectively, all experiments verified the dual activity of the dressing, paving the way for clinical testing. The WOUNDCOM dressing has very limited side effects as it is based on naturally evolved molecules. The next step is to take it through the CE-mark registration study and market it through an agreement with a strong defined partner. The WOUNDCOM merits for chronic wounds Chronic wounds represent a major challenge as they require time-consuming and expensive intervention to heal. Recent research has provided a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying the problems associated with chronic wound repair and especially the role of inflammation and infection. In particular, the formation of bacterial biofilms is a major contributor to chronic wounds. The WOUNDCOM solution is expected to be beneficial for patients with chronic wounds by reducing pain and discomfort, and accelerating recovery. It will also shorten hospitalisation time as well as financial burden on patients and decrease labour for healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it will not only prevent persistent wound infections and subsequent biofilm formation but also directly kill existing bacteria. Given its capacity to prevent infection by multi-drug resistant bacteria, it is expected to combat resistance and reduce antibiotics use. Overall, WOUNDCOM is an effective and sustainable product that improves wound treatment and management and can be used for both acute and chronic wounds. As Söderlind outlines, “the WOUNDCOM dressing is unique and will address a new market category of bioactive wound dressing.″ With more than 250 million cases per year, the wound care market is growing and expected to reach USD 22 billion in the next few years.


WOUNDCOM, dressing, chronic wound, wound healing, antimicrobial, multi-drug resistant bacteria, collagen VI, biomembrane, wound management

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