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Fact-based personalised nutrition for the young


D2.2 Report on requirements for urine analysis

Report collects analysis needs from project partners and potential end users for urine analysis. The requirements will be grouped with respect to analytical needs and operational needs and a set of target parameters for downstream work will be defined.

D8.3 Report on exploitation activities

This deliverable is the output of T8.2 & T8.5. The preliminary version will be available in M12 and will be updated yearly. The final version in M48. The report will also present the patent search results and the investigation of the patenting potentials of NUTRISHIELD. It will also include information related to the patent applications that could be submitted. Due dates: M12/M24/M36/48

D8.1 Dissemination plan and material (website, logo, etc

This deliverable is a partial output of T8.1. It will be delivered in M12 and updated every year.

D8.2 Reporting on the implementation of communication activities

This deliverable is the output of T81 It will describe all dissemination activities of the project and will include also the material that was used posters brochures papers videos etcDue dates M24 and M48

D2.8 Methodology and key metrics for validation & impact assessment

This will include all the relevant metrics, methodologies and KPIs relevant to the assessment of NUTRISHIELD under clinical settings.

D5.1: Dietary Assessment Baseline Report

Dietary assessment of childrenlactating mothers enrolled in the program will be presented using two different established methodologies 4day food diary and FFQ

D2.6 NUTRISHIELD Platform technical requirements & use case design

Report on needs from project partners regarding the NUTRISHIELD App and Platform, as well as a preliminary design of the use cases for the end users.

D6.5: Data governance and ETL specifications -Preliminary Version

WP4 date Relevant data may be already available M16 in external stores, laboratory measurements and readings of the new NUTRISHIELD sensors will be categorised in order to take into account privacy, data protection, IP rights and scientific disclosure constraints. The Extract, Load, Transform (ETL) framework for all WP4 data that will be collected and processed in accordance with established according to the EU principles, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IP law and relatred Directive. In addition to, data ownership and confidentiality issues will be also handled.

D2.7 Clinical protocols for clinical studies in NUTRISHIELD

A preliminary design of the clinical validation scenario to be used for the validation of NUTRISHIELD, describing the process of clinical trials.

D6.1 Specifications of NUTRISHIELD Software Framework

The deliverable will provide an overview of the components and the associated integration requirements and detail the integration design. Moreover, an integration roadmap will be specified.

D2.1 Report on requirements for microbiome analysis

Report collects analysis need from project partners and potential users for microbiome analysis. The requirements will include a list of families, species and strains of microorganisms that require measurement. The report will also include a list of potential areas of interest not yet covered in the literature.

D2.3 Report on requirements for breast milk analysis

Report collects analysis needs from project partners and potential end users. The requirements will be grouped with respect to analytical needs and operational needs and a set of target parameters for downstream work will be defined.

D2.5 Data fusion & local application requirements

Report collects analysis needs from project partners and potential end users for data fusion and localisation.

D4.1 Report on chemical analysis methods & Suggested spectroscopic parameters for detection

This report gives an overview of the new methods developed for breath, urine and HM analysis. It includes the basic chemical analysis of by analytical reference methods (e.g. by FTIR, LC-MS, etc.) and the different methods and technologies which are applied for high sensitive liquid & gas analysis. A list of analytes and compound for the NUTRISHIELD analysers will be included.

D1.2 Data management plan v1

Report describing the way data generated and collected during the project will be handled (storage, sharing, access, etc.), according to the template for such a plan given in the guidelines on data management in the H2020 Online Manual. This deliverable will evolve during the lifetime of the project in order to present the status of the project's reflections on data management (v2). Participating partners: ALPES, INTRA, SVI, SWB, TUW, ARGOS, QRT, RU, CSEM, HUA, OSR, EPFL, VER, CU, HULAFE

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