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5G for Connected and Automated Road Mobility in the European UnioN


Design of the secure, cross-border, and multi-domain service orchestration platform

Overall description of the system to be delivered, involving resource management, service-orchestration, lifecycle management, security/privacy/data-protection mechanisms. Deliverable describing the architecture and the functionality for the cross-border (multi-domain) operations.

Implementation of the project website, dissemination channels and social media communications

This deliverable describes the project website contents and settings, the most relevant dissemination channels and the social media activities

Initial report on 5G Technological Enablers for CCAM

Implementation of the hybrid radio access network and of the various 5G technological enablers used in the project at different levels of maturity. Demonstration and validation of selected prototypes in realistic conditions.

5G-CARMEN Use Cases and Requirements

This deliverable will detail the 5G-CARMEN use cases and the associated functional and system requirements. This deliverable will also account for the outcomes of the review of the relevant 5G-PPP Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects.

First dissemination, impact assessment and exploitation report

This deliverable reports the complete set of activities performed in the project after the first year related to dissemination, standardisation, impact assessment and a first view of the achieved objectives of exploitation of the partners.

Data Management Plan for 5G-CARMEN

The Data Management Plan defines the basis of cooperation between partners and the data sharing mechanisms to enable the 5G-CARMEN use cases.

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Benchmarking open source NFV MANO systems: OSM and ONAP

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Predictive Voice-Over-Internet Protocol Fallback Over Vehicular Channels: Employing Artificial Intelligence at the Edge of 5G Networks

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Sharing Distributed and Heterogeneous Resources toward End-to-End 5G Networks: A Comprehensive Survey and a Taxonomy

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Open source testbed for vehicular communication

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5G-CARMEN: Service Continuity in 5G-Enabled Edge Clouds

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Analyzing the impact of VIM systemsNina over the MEC management and orchestration in vehicular communications

Author(s): Nina Slamnik-Kriještorac, Michael Peeters, Steven Latré, Johann M. Marquez-Barja
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Demo: Open Source Platform for IEEE 802.11p NICs Evaluation

Author(s): Francesco Raviglione, Marco Malinverno, Claudio Casetti
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Characterization and performance evaluation of 802.11p NICs

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Gossip-based monitoring of virtualized resources in 5G networks

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Demo Abstract: Assessing MANO Performance based on VIM Platforms within MEC Context

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A Multi-domain Network Simulator based on NS-3

Author(s): Van Le, Nabil El Ioini, Hamid Barzegar, Claus Pahl
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Blockchain Based Service Continuity in Mobile Edge Computing

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Leveraging Mobile Edge Computing to Improve Vehicular Communications

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Mobile edge cloud computing simulation tool survey and literature reviews

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A Flexible, Protocol-agnostic Latency Measurement Platform

Author(s): Francesco Raviglione, Marco Malinverno, Claudio Casetti
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