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Personnel Location and Tracking for Safety, Security and Protection


WEB media kits

The selected graphic design studio will produce the graphic line: all the elements of the “web kits” (in Task 6.3) and “project kits” (e.g. bag with illustrative materials, usb-stick, agendas, t-shirt) will be in-line with the project graphic line and will be used during events (fairs, workshops) attended by DUNE and at the “PROTECT-day” workshop planned at the end of the project.

Agenda of the demonstrations

In close cooperation with the Advisory Board and the end-users that already expressed their interest in PROTECT, an agenda will be established at M6, specifying the end-user hosting the demonstration, logistic, schedule, place and nature of the demonstrations. This agenda will be constantly updated as a function of the progresses of WP3 in providing new system Layers to be tested. The agenda will also indicate the financial effort foreseen by the hosting Organisations, that will be reimbursed by the applicant (in kind contribution by third parties).

Guidelines for the requirements, constraints and system design

Provide a preliminary architectural design of the market-ready system, to be fed into WP3 as key input for the development and in WP5 for the market trade-off analysis, so to devise the necessary trade-off between the CAPEX (increasing with the number of fulfilled requirements) and the increase of projected revenues.

Requirements, constraints and system design

Output of WP2, summarising the outcome of the coordinated action among the Advisory Board and other end-users Organisations involved after the project start, preparing questionnaires, also engaging the end-users via the Serious Games paradigm and tools developed in WP6, so to have a comprehensive set of usability and suitability requirements and constraints, along with a preliminary architectural design to be fed into WP3 and WP5.

Communication plan

It will indicate the preliminary communication strategy, channels to be employed, expected impact, schedule of the planned events involving PROTECT (e.g. fairs, workshops), targeted stakeholders and mockups of the Serious Games to be developed

Valuation of the user experience and plans for the demonstrations

Intermediate output of WP4: it will report the User's experience and (also in connection with the Advisory Board) will provide a detailed plan for the intermediate and final on-field demonstrations carried out by the practitioners with the PROTECT systems under development in WP3.

Project Handbook

Describe the management procedures, define the Technical, Financial and Project management roles, along with assessment and communication guides.

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