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Personnel Location and Tracking for Safety, Security and Protection


The global indoor location market is expected to grow 23.13 Billion USD by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 37.4%. Although attractive, in the market there is a sound evidence of a still unsatisfied offer of a location system in GPS-denied environments for safety, security and protection for time/risk-critical operations. DUNE introduces PROTECT (4 patents filed): a new, autonomous, infrastructure-free, wearable tracking system for GPS-denied environments. Major PROTECT advantages w.r.t. competitors: no need of ad-hoc deployed infrastructures, floorplans, calibrations and pocketsize. The three major guidelines of PROTECT are: 1) value proposition: provide a high perceived value for the customers by a localisation system: a. generating advantages (performance): location accuracy for both real-time, time-critical operations and post survey analysis (e.g. inspectors of nuclear plants); b. decreasing difficulties (suitability): infrastructure-free and 'switch and forget' system, suitable for the operations in real scenarios, so to be acceptable by the end-users with zero impact on their practices; 2) affordability: make the system affordable, with a business plan ranging from SaaS to licensing, always keeping the unitary cost below the expenditures capabilities of the clients, also minimising their OPEX; 3) profitability: make the system profitable, by adopting a modular/layered approach, so to accommodate a large ensemble of requirements, coming from different customers, thus minimising the CAPEX on our side. The main goals of the project are: a) acquire a leading position in the localisation market for first responders and CIs; b) a turnover of 24 M€ within the end of the 3rd year; c) the break-even for commercialisation at end of the 1st year; d) an increase of qualified personnel in DUNE of approx. 76%, with an average gross wage of 45.000 €/yr; e) increase of the business for the SMEs involved by DUNE in the industrial/marketing process.

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