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Rational decomposition and orchestration for serverless computing

Initial requirements and baselines

Report on the identification of the technology baselines in T2.1. Elicitation and prioritization of framework requirements and usage scenarios identified by the participants. Definition of a requirements repository. Identification of usage scenarios and roles in the RADON tool usage workflow. Roadmap to define the methodology. The document will also elicit initial demonstrator requirements, which will be later evolved as part of WP6. The document is expected to include confidential information concerning the industrial use case internals and thus will be released as confidential.

Data pipeline orchestration I

Technical methodology for orchestration of data pipelines using TOSCA along with an orchestrator plugin.

Decomposition tool I

Tool that will recommend an optimal decomposition of the application into serverless function, microservices and data pipelines, closing the gap with CDL-annotated requirements.

Runtime environment I

Provides and reports on the runtime environment and delivery toolchain defined in T5.1 and the management policies from T5.3.

RADON models I

Definition of TOSCA language extensions to model events, serverless FaaS, microservice compositions, and data pipelines. The extensions will be developed in two iterations in order to continuously meet use case requirements.

Architecture and integration plan I

A document specifying the technical architecture, integration practices and integration tests that will be adopted by the consortium for framework integration.

Graphical modelling tool I

This report will deliver the RADON modelling tool, which extends Eclipse Winery in order to support the modelling of RADON models (in two iterations). The tool also includes the capability to generate the required blueprints for consumption in the orchestrator, which gets continuously adapted to the modelling extensions of D4.2.

Constraint definition language I

Definition of the language to express formal requirements and orchestration constraints on RADON models (M12) and description of the associated verification tool to validate and reason on the constraints (M24).

Website and social media presence

Report presenting the website design, the social media presence of the project, schedule of blog posts, and initial factsheet.

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