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MyPal: Fostering Palliative Care of Adults and Children with Cancer through Advanced Patient Reported Outcome Systems


MyPal conceptual & reference architecture

D3.1 is the direct outcome of Task 3.1 and will document the innovative, open, reference architecture of the adult’s clinical study.

MyPal ethics

Report establishing the ethical framework of MyPal with potential updates during the course of the project, given the continuous monitoring of ethical issues by T1.1 (live document).

MyPal palliative care context and user needs

Report defining the context of palliative care for cancer patients as considered in MyPal and the user need with respect to PRO systems.

Project Website

Report on the project Website, including the internal Website for partner collaboration.

Quality management plan

Report referring to the plans and the means for quality and risk management assurance.

MyPal ePRO personalisation and user engagement framework

Report presenting the user engagement strategies employed in MyPal and the approach employed for adapting the MyPal tools to the patient needs, in order to ensure high user acceptance and effectiveness of the proposed intervention.

MyPal ePRO tool design

Report describing the architecture and working mechanisms of the ePRO tool for children, including a detailed description of how gamification influences the motivation of the user.

MyPal clinical study protocol definition

Report defining in detail the clinical study protocols for MyPal-ADULT and MyPal-CHILD.

State-of-the-art on PRO systems for palliative cancer care

Report setting the scene on the current state-of-the-art of PRO systems for palliative cancer care.

Initial set of tools for intervention design and advanced reporting of outcome

Prototype with the tools that will be employed for the MyPal clinical studies.

Data management plan

Report including the description of the data collected and/or generated in the project, as well as the different processes for ensuring its appropriate management and curation according to international standards.

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