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PivotBuoy - An Advanced System for Cost-effective and Reliable Mooring, Connection, Installation & Operation of Floating Wind


Initial Project Management Plan

Initial Project Management Plan with a Gantt chart and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It will include a schedule per task, responsible partner related subtasks, related deliverables, and dependencies on other tasks. Refers to task 1.2.

Optimal maintenance strategies for single point mooring systems

This report will include the analysis of potential operation and maintenance strategies for single point mooring systems taking into account potential failures, weather conditions, accessibility and available vessels and infrastructure for maintaining the system. Refers to task 6.4.

Test site environmental conditions

Data to characterize the test site environmental conditions including metocean data (wave, wind and currents) as well as bathimetry, seabed conditions and other relevant information. Refers to task 4.1

Identification of failure modes and initial reliability, Health & Safety and Environmental Assessment of the PivotBuoy System

A preliminary report with the initial Hazard Idenfication (HAZID) and potential failure modes. It will also include initial Health & Safety and environmental considerations to make sure this important aspects are considered early in the design process. INTECSEA will lead the reliability and H&S aspects while PLOCAN will lead the environmental aspects. It is the initial deliverable of the tasks 6.1 (Hazard & Reliability Aspects), task 6.2 (H&S aspects) and Task 6.3 (environmental aspects). An intermediate report will be issued in M15, prior to the assembly and installation to update the initial assessment.

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