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Solar-Biomass Reversible energy system for covering a large share of energy needs in buildings


Surveys outcome report

Report including the processed results and main outcomes of the surveys

Communication strategy and plan

Dissemination and exploitation plan to ensure maximum and visibility and impact of the project outcomes

Local and EU key technical & market codes and framework conditions relevant to the SolBio-Rev system

Report summarizing the current local and European key technical and market codes and framework conditions relevant to the SWS-heating system in a variety of buildings types and sizes

Definition of user and installer needs and their introduction in the design process

Identification of needs and constraints of endusers and equipment installers for their integration in the design process of the SolBioRev system

Stakeholder advisory board composition and functions

SHAB composition (with proof of acceptance by its members) and description of its functions

Definition of climate and building typologies

Report presenting the climatological constraints affecting system efficiency indicators and building typologies for further dynamic simulation of a variety at real-world conditions

Project website and logo

A website will be created to present the overview of the project and its progress.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

"Plan for managing all data produced during the project with all pertinent regulations of data management, access, preservation, etc., and fully aligned to the ""Open Research Data Pilot"". The plan will be updated in each reporting period"


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