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Next Evolution in Materials and Models for Ocean energy


D3.4 Public report on NEMMO biomimetic and multi-material bulk properties testing results

Public report containing the bulk properties evaluation of the NEMMO project innovations on lab representative lab specimens.

D1.4 Loads and stresses cycles definition novel for test rigs

Report including the load and stresses to b implemented in the different test rigs including the representative cavitation and mechanical loads cycles.

D1.3 Simulation results

Including the study of the velocity profiles, loads and moments distributions, bending moment distribution, blade element forces distribution, and pressure and forces profiles, generated hydrofoils and Capacity factors in the simulated operation conditions

D7.2 Project Website

D7.2: Project Website: project website, with a private area to support project management and document repository, and links to the communities (LinkedIn, Twitter) in which the project is active (Month 3). Responsible: Responsible: Amy Parsons (OEE).

D7.1 Material for Visual Identity

D7.1: Material for Visual Identity: Logo, visual identity charter, document templates, social media accounts. (Month 6). Responsible: Amy Parsons (OEE)


Accuracy Assessment of RANS Predictions of Active Flow Control for Hydrofoil Cavitation

Author(s): Chandra Shekhar Pant, Yann Delorme, Steven Frankel
Published in: Processes, Issue 8/6, 2020, Page(s) 677, ISSN 2227-9717
DOI: 10.3390/pr8060677