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Promoting STARTups and SMEs as the BEST place to work through workplace innovation


List of partner organisations, published n website

The list will consist local, regional national and international stakeholders and programmes active in the workplace innovation area, so as to establish an interconnected ecosystem that will facilitate consolidated growth and market take-up of WPI by small businesses to be supported by the project.

Open Call report presenting the results of the open calls and selection process

The report on results of the open calls will be drafted in order to review and assess the proposals received under the call.

Reports on communication activities

The report will be produced in M12 and M24 taking into account the measurement and feedback actions to monitor the impact of communication and dissemination actions.

Validation and impact assessment report summarizing outputs from supported projects, their outcomes and description of the impact

The assessment report will summarize all open calls their outcomes and description of the impact as well as the feedback and evaluations of businesses and entrepreneurs benefitting from the calls in order to assess the impact of the project for future policy recommendations

Draft text of call for proposals

Draft will include the specifications for the call, including legal and technical clauses, guidelines for proposals (including suggested templates for proposals) and evaluation criteria.


Website dedicated specifically to the project will be developed and will serve as project’s main communication and dissemination channel in compliance with the developed communication strategy.

Final Event

Final event will be organised in form of a seminar at the end of project presenting and discussing the outcomes of the projects lessons learned best practices identified and suggestions for sustainable extensions

Repository of Case Studies, web-accessible and searchable

Web interface and database will be developed where Case Studies on Workplace Innovation (best innovation practices identified) will be stored and freely accessible to the SME community. The repository will serve as a knowledge basis and inspiration for small businesses that want to take up this challenge.

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