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REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe


Memorandum of Understanding among national issuing bodies to set-up the network

The national GoO issuing bodies joining the European network must agree on the basic principles of GoO exchange transactions, on the sustainable financing and operation of the network, on the conditions of accepting new partners, on basic audit requirements, fair treatment of members including sanction system, etc.

Guidelines for establishing national biomethane registries

The guideline is intended to create a uniform understanding of the necessary functionalities and legal requirements for the establishment and operation of biomethane registers in the target countries. The harmonization of the registers will be supported to simplify the cross-border trading of certificates and the associated exchange of information. It is based on the experience of existing European registries and takes upcoming EU legislation like RED II into account.

Guidelines for tender process of IT-services

Describes the necessary tasks, documents, rounds of tendering including validation measures and needed processes to be executed for the selection of the best-suitable supplier for the trading platform. The Guidelines will include a potential bidder list which can be used for next steps and can be used to conduct the tender for the needed services.

Report on content and attributes of GoO

The content and attributes of the biomethane GoOs must be coordinated and agreed among the partners in order to enable mutual compatibility of GoOs issued in different countries. The requirements of RED II must be reflected in the content of the GoOs.

Updated Guidelines for creating the European Biomethane GoO

The Guidelines produced within the previous BIOSURF project will be updated to reflect the changes which occurred in the meantime, such as the RED II, the establishment of the ERGaR association, etc. Furthermore, AIB documentation will be analysed to include potential synergies between the electricity and the gas sector.

Mapping on the state of play of renewable gases market in Europe

A comprehensive review country-by-country to define the state of the art of the biomethane market in Europe covering the regulatory framework, economic/fiscal regimes, production, existing production, consumption patterns, market environment and all other related issues.

Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation Plan

The Report will contain a clear description of the project’s objectives, a detailed overview of target groups and the methodology on how to approach them, the complete basket of communication tools, services and products.

Investigative study of IT system options for harmonized European cross border title-transfer of biomethane/renewable gas certificates

Investigation and evaluation of the requirements and options for establishng the IT systems for secure, reliable and transparent cross-border title-transfers of biomethane/renewable gas certificates. In particular, processual, administrative, technical and organisaiotn requirements will be determined (based on a SWOT analysis).

Guidebook on securing financing for biomethane investments

The Guidebook to provide practical information to the biomethane project developers and other stakeholders on securing financing for investments.

Project Evaluation Plan

The report designs in detail the activities, methods, format, key performance indicators and timing of evaluation analysis.

Six newsletters and three press releases

Six newsletters and three press releases. Newsletters will be published every six months, while press releases approximately one per year.

Project leaflet

Project leaflet.

Project Roll-up

Project Roll-up.

Project website

Project website.

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