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Wireless atm network demonstrator

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Communication of the future

A project is underway to demonstrate that shared multimedia applications can be supplied via wireless data transmission.

Digital Economy

Software has been developed that allows video conferencing and application sharing between individuals located at wireless sources. This has been made possible by a system that can send audio and visual information to a fixed ATM network via radio. The system is particularly appropriate for commercial exploitation as it can be used with standard networks, and the software works independently from the hardware. The project is now in its final stage and is being tested on selective end-users for its user-friendliness and quality of transmission. Trials in the commercial environment aim to demonstrate its ability to share information between previously incompatible systems such as WIN, NT, UNIX and Mac Os. Doctors have been equipped with the system while visiting patients, enabling them to retrieve patient information and consult a practitioner with a particular expertise while still on site. The wireless ATM system will be of particular use to professionals who need to communicate information in a fast, efficient and effective way independent of their location.

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