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Improving diabetes care

Proper and effective medical care in chronic diseases, such as diabetes, relies on clear and up-to-date communication between physicians, specialists, emergency care personnel and the patient. In order to facilitate and enhance this vital communication, a chip card technology within the telematics field was developed in a new way that aims to improve health care via innovative and portable communication and information methods.


Diabetes, along with many other chronic diseases, requires efficient cooperation between many different doctors so as to provide the patient with the most effective treatment possible. Unfortunately, paper records and other such documents are difficult to transport from one doctor to another, and this type of information is usually unavailable during an emergency. As a solution to this problem, German researchers developed the DIABCARD chip card and core system as a way of documenting and communicating up-to-date medical information in an immediate and effective manner. In fact, this portable patient data card provides diabetes patients and doctors with a vital communication tool. The DIABCARD patient card is a way in which patients can have their medical information with them wherever they go. Based on PC/SC and OpenCard standards, this chip card contains administrative and medical emergency data along with the date, time, and doctor who inputted information. Of course, patient confidentiality and data security is a priority, and access is only possible with the use of a Professional Card and the patient's PIN number. Yet, emergency data can be accessed by medical personnel without any PIN. It is important to note that the DIABCARD chip card is compatible with other cards and card operating systems as its architecture can be integrated into existing information systems and networks in a flexible way. As this card has been tested in many countries and is extensively utilised in Munich, it was found that it is a very helpful and essential tool for both doctors and patients. In addition, the DIABCARD Core System is a high-tech application system that enhances the medical care of diabetes patients. This innovative system comprises medical and administrative data, patient record administration such as data creation, editing, and searching, data import and export, and user defined reporting. Two different kinds of functions, administrator and user functions, are protected with passwords. A simple tool facilitates the designing of documents and data are managed in a Paradox database. Of course, flexibility and adaptability are key features of the DIABCARD Core system and the interfaces are all standardised so as to allow incorporation with other medical record systems. In essence, the DIABCARD chip card and core system are innovative in the telematics field, and their marketability is vast both in diabetology and in other areas of the medical sector.

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28 September 2017