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Reporting the future of European telematics

IT technologies have all but rampaged across European frontiers. To assess the future impact and developmental trends of communication and information exchange services, the CONCORDIA project has assessed emerging technologies to help devise and construct the infrastructure of future telecommunication industry needs.

Digital Economy

All things considered, the telecommunications industry has had-and probably is still having, its own wide spread revolution. Since the advent of the internet, communication systems have never before been so explosive an enterprise. Earmarked by dynamic development and change that has seen a rapid introduction of a variety of communication tools and networks. The CONCORDIA Project investigated the current and emerging trends of telecommunications across the board in order to gain a better understanding of the industry's needs and how best to structure the industry to be competitive and capable of meeting these demands. Looking at both short term and long term solutions, the CONCORDIA project analysed such issues as the future capabilities of ISDN lines, broadband communication, IP services, and personalised information services, to name but a few. The ultimate goal of the programme was to assess the global needs of the telematics industry and to compile a comprehensive report that would put these trends and future demands of the industry into a meaningful picture. Such concepts as emerging telecommunication infrastructures, business opportunities and possible actions and initiatives were addressed in the final report. Basically, the findings of the research revolve around three categories of information. The first is that of finding which can be substantiated by quantitative data. The second classification of findings are those they've termed "Derived Findings", based on expert analysis on evidence provided. Finally, the third type of data are classified as "Other Findings" which involve cases where future research activities would be needed. Each group of findings is accompanied by a list of recommendations in which future efforts should be based. Overall, the report is comprehensive, detailed and clear sighted. It offers a tremendous insight into the future of telematics that should impart a greater clarity, cohesion and synthesis to the European telecommunication industry as a whole.

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