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Atm wireless access communication system

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Virtual office

Wireless communication will be possible within an office building with a virtual office network. This system will connect numerous rooms, from design to production, with video and audio technology providing a company with more control of its workforce and better co-ordination of its business efforts.

Digital Economy

A trial of the ATM Wireless Access Communications System (AWACS) will collect real-life information through its testing in the field. A key to the systems performance is the choice of antenna used to transmit the data to give clear, interference free transmission. The aim of the project is to accomplish multi-media wireless technology that will improve communication between unconnected offices. This technology will provide companies with a better connected and more integrated business. The quicker assimilation of information by a system based on hardware operations allows enhanced communication between the workforce ultimately achieving a more efficient office. The use of mobile video units to visit production facilities will improve off-site business arrangements and audio/video conferencing maintains the international company network.

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