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Customising interfaces through three-dimensional reconstruction of objects in a network environment

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New imaging technology puts on a bright new face

Given that 3D imaging is a complex and time consuming process, SOFTFACE's solution is innovative, simple and extremely quick. Building animated 3D images has taken on new frontiers.

Digital Economy

Developing your own personalized, animated mug shot for computer and Internet programs can now be achieved through newly designed software. Using nothing more than two standard photographs of the face you wish to develop, SOFTFACE can digitise an accurate 3D VRML replica. Animation is also possible, allowing you to give your construct realistic impressions, skin tones and facial features.Using state of the art technology like self-calibrating techniques to calculate “points” between the two photographs to construct the 3D image, SOFTFACE does not need the actual participation of the person. If you wish to alter the features of the face, chisel the cheekbones, fatten the lips etc, you can switch from automatic mode to manual mode and calibrate the photogammetric points yourself.SMARTFACE is a simple software, requiring standard imaging hardware that can produce vivid, animated and interesting replicas of any face you desire.

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