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International EMBL PhD Students' Symposia'


Advances in molecular biology, chemistry, biophysics and bioinformatics gave rise to a number of application-oriented disciplines, such as molecular medicine, drug design, biotechnology, biomaterials, bionics and others. The main objective of the proposed series of events is to facilitate knowledge take-up and integration between fundamental and application-oriented research. It will be implemented by providing advanced training of early-stage European scientists by leading experts both from industry and academia.

The project comprises a series of four symposia and a virtual meeting, which constitute a coherent training programme in molecular medicine, animal models in research, biotechnology, structural and molecular cell biology and bioinformatics. The knowledge-transfer scheme aims at translation of particular medical and technology-oriented issues into scientific problems and providing a framework for application of research results. The multidisciplinarity and the integrative character of the project ensure timeliness and relevance of the scientific content and contribute both to develop human resources and enhance propensity for better integration of the post-genomic research into biomedical and biotechnological approaches.

Special attention is given to career prospects of early-stage researchers. The virtual meeting and the practical seminars are intended to provide a multinational forum for sharing first-person experiences and discussing major issues in financial support for studies and integration of education with career development. Finally, room will be given to discussion of ethical considerations and communication of science to the broad public.

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