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Coordinated academic RTD and education supporting innovation in marine industries

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Boosting EU maritime industry through education

An EU-funded initiative has set the groundwork for mobilising the expertise and resources of Europe’s marine technology academic community. This bodes well for sustainable transport solutions and the competitiveness of European maritime industries.

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The 'Coordinated academic RTD and education supporting innovation in marine industries' (Caremar) project worked to develop the means for linking expertise within European universities with the education, research and technological requirements of organisations active in the field of marine technology. Addressing the delivery of innovative scientific research and research-based education (RBE) in the context of a changing international market, the project team devised a work plan and set objectives, the achievement of which effectively contribute to sustainable marine surface transport. Caremar developed and analysed targeted questionnaires, organised focus groups, workshops, proceedings and initiatives, and generated databases. Progress enabled researchers to come up with recommendations for improving related educational systems with a view to strengthening European unity in marine technology education. Workshops and reports also formed the basis for dissemination of their suggestions, which can better inform decision-makers about university capabilities and offer guidelines for future RBE and research and technology development (RTD) strategies. Importantly, Caremar outcomes also have the potential to contribute towards employment, training and working conditions. Improving on key processes in the RTD/RBE supply chain promise to boost the competitiveness of the marine technology and maritime industry. At the same time, the project-developed tools can enhance the speed and efficiency of the RTD process across Thematic Priority 'Making surface transport safer, more effective and more competitive'. Advances in the above areas will translate to economic growth and widespread benefits for European quality of life.

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