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Computer Assisted Renewal of Classical Cartoon Animations

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Falling in love again with cartoon classics

Children love cartoons and now they can enjoy classics of the animator's art thanks to new techniques for enhancing original footage from the archives.

Digital Economy

The 'Computer assisted renewal of classical cartoon animation' (Cartoon) project partners have developed algorithms to retrieve structural and semantic information contained within the images. The so-called LazyBrush algorithm has facilitated the interactive labelling of hand-drawn animations and can be applied to a wide number of drawing styles. Furthermore, the algorithm is not sensitive to the imprecise positioning of brush strokes. This not only allows delicate structures to be labelled but can also save a great deal of time. LazyBrush can help improve existing cartoon footage by estimating depth for stereoscopic display, as well as three dimensional (3D) shading and 3D reconstruction. A second algorithm has been developed for implementing a range of new applications, including auto-painting, editing and motion retargeting. Cartoon has enabled much-loved classics to compete with the latest cinematic productions, allowing new generations of children to experience the magic of masterpieces of animation. At the same time, the EU-funded initiative will provide a boost to Europe's growing knowledge economy.

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