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Policies to promote sustainable consumption patterns (POPP)

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Strategies for sustainable consumption

This initiative focuses on the effectiveness of sustainable consumption (SC) strategies and instruments, particularly with regard to housing and

Climate Change and Environment

The European 'Policies to promote sustainable consumption patterns' (POPP) project addresses gaps in the policy area of sustainable consumption and production (SCP). Project partners have developed a conceptual framework to show the relationship between SC policies, consumption patterns and sustainability. This structure has been applied to a number of important issues including consumption and production patterns and the sustainability potential of SC policies. The framework also addresses how policy instruments for SC should be assessed and their impact on areas such as of housing and food. Furthermore, it can help identify the conditions needed to successfully implement SC instruments and alter consumption patterns, thereby leading to improved SC policies and instruments. Researchers have also developed a consumption trend analysis that can estimate sustainability potential, and have created an inventory of SC instruments, which has helped to analyse 35 of these instruments. Relevant policies have been identified and described by the conceptual framework and ten instruments have been chosen for a detailed impact assessment. The effects of policies have been separated out from intervening and contextual factors and used as a baseline for measuring the gradual impact of relevant policies. Impacts are translated into quantitative indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions and costs. Consumption trend analysis has been used to compile information on the historic and future analysis of food and housing. Potential sustainability estimates have been determined for food and housing that can highlight areas for effective policy instruments. The POPP initiative is playing a vital role in developing policies for promoting sustainable consumption that will help improve the quality of life for EU citizens.

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