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Europe-South Asia Exchange on Supranational (Regional) Policies and Instruments for the Promotion of Human Rights and Management of Minority Issues

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Human rights and minorities in South Asia

The Eurasia-net project has explored cooperation between Europe and South Asia in the field of human and minority rights. The aim is to exchange knowledge and best practice between the two regions and raise the profile of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) on minority issues.

Climate Change and Environment

A conference was organised under the auspices of the Eurasia-net initiative, which highlighted the need for fresh approaches to protect the rights of minorities. Special measures for protecting vulnerable members of society were also discussed. Study visits for improving cooperation between European and South Asian academics have been organised to enable a common agenda for future research. Furthermore, two summer schools have been run in Italy and Nepal. Participating students have provided very positive feedback and expressed an interest in contributing further to the success of Eurasia-net. A trans-regional platform has been established, which has acted as a forum for the exchange of information and experience between researchers, universities, media, NGOs and decision-makers. The platform has also been used for dissemination of results and to help prepare the way for joint research activities and the Joint Research Agenda (JRA). The Eurasia-net initiative has successfully enhanced the knowledge-base needed for new policies and methodologies to reduce ethnic and religious conflict. The activities conducted by the project therefore help promote stability and security in South Asia.

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