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Supporting the ERA-NET Learning Platform by creating a toolbox for the ERA-NET community

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European research gets organised

Supporting the European Research Area's network through new funding, decision-making and assessment tools will organise the continent's research and provide opportunities for more members to

Climate Change and Environment

The European Research Area (ERA) comprises all research and development programmes and activities in Europe, enabling researchers and institutes to exchange knowledge and compete and cooperate across borders. This is coordinated by the ERA-NET scheme which strengthens and integrates the ERA. The EU-funded ERA-LEARN project is supporting the ERA-NET learning platform by developing tools that will be made available to the whole ERA-NET community. In particular, ERA-LEARN facilitates mutual learning among ERA-NET members and help harmonise procedures for efficient, simplified joint call implementation and selection of proposals to develop a common framework. It provides funding guidance and helps concerned parties to establish or join the right ERA-NET, enabling optimum use of resources and instruments. The project is well on the road to identifying good practices and developing a set of recommended procedures. The annual ERA-NET event has been used as a suitable forum to involve the whole ERA-NET community for creating these procedures. These include tools for implementing joint calls, but also for internal review of ERA-NET participation. Material has been collected and compiled from all ERA-NETs, and the input has been revised to assist in this internal review. As a result, the ERA-LEARN toolbox has been established as an innovative online instrument accessible to the whole ERA-NET community through the Netwatch portal. The toolbox and guidelines developed under the project help to streamline ERA-NET activities, which is useful for both newcomers and existing members of this community.

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