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Discount Coupon Recommendation and Redemption System

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Novel technology for enhanced e-coupon delivery and redemption service

An EU initiative developed a coupon-based discount campaign platform that will help maximise customer satisfaction and business profitability. A centralised social network-type online environment will allow both sides to offer and demand specific discounts.

Industrial Technologies

Supported by EU funding, the DICO(RE)2S (Discount coupon recommendation and redemption system) project delivered an efficient and personalised system for pushing targeted coupons to consumers. Work began by defining three main project challenges. First, for the coupon search and recommendation, the main aim was to establish appropriate relations between products and consumers, and to determine and rank consumer preferences. Second, for digital coupon distribution, the goal was timely provisioning of coupons, in the right place and in line with the media it is displayed or printed on, as well as the ability to store and use information on coupon redemption. Third, for multimodal coupon redemption, the central objective was development of a universal multimodal coupon reader. Project partners finalised the DICO(RE)2S system's overall architecture and completed the final prototypes for the search and recommender system and its subcomponents. They then assessed and tested the recommender system's quality, as well as its robustness and scalability as part of the DICO(RE)2S platform. The DICO(RE)2S team developed the opinion mining and reporting module that handles user comments, calculates polarity and obtains pertinent data concerning user satisfaction and disapproval. It identified and implemented use cases in order to demonstrate a fully operational prototype. Researchers created the final distribution engine prototype prior to evaluating and testing the security, performance, scalability and reliability of the distribution system. They also finalised the prototypes for the redemption module components, namely a smartphone app to redeem Quick Response code-based coupons and a web-based point of sale app allowing coupon redemption by the cashier at each point of sale. The two components were tested on a multi-operating system environment. DICO(RE)2S stands to make a major impact on virtual community coupon-based discount campaigns. It will also have important implications for SMEs, enabling them to stay in the game of promotional and fidelity programmes.


DICO(RE)2S, discount coupon, coupon search and recommendation, digital coupon distribution, multimodal coupon redemption

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