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Hybrid Organic-inorganic Polymers

The task of the Fraunhofer institute comprises the development of coating materials to be used on extrinsic or intrinsic optical sensors. Based on the synthesis of novel organo alkoxysilane monomer starting compounds the manufacture of new coating materials was successful. The new monomers can be reacted with water (sol-gel process) thus forming an organically modified siloxane, which is used as coating materials for biosensors. The developed materials exhibit the following properties:

- bearing reactive acrylate groups for fast UV-curing; UV-curing is advantageous to thermal curing, due to heat sensitivity of enzymes to be incorporated into the coating
- bearing hydrophilic groups facilitating the miscibility with water based enzyme solutions for incorporation of enzymes and facilitating the migration of hydrophilic analyses like glucose
- bearing hydrophobic groups in order to facilitate the migration of oxygen, thus increasing oxygen sensitivity
- Ru-complexes can be incorporated into the coating materials, acting as oxygen sensor
- a variable basic structure facilitates the formation of various degrees of cross linking of the sol-gel derived siloxane network as well as of the organic network, obtained via UV polymerisation during the film curing step.

Based on the variety of different starting compounds and different coating materials derived thereof it is possible to pursue two different approaches for an optical sensor.

First approach: sandwich structured biosensor as follows:

1. a primary siloxane film on the glass substrates, with Ru-complex incorporated, used as oxygen sensor
2. a secondary siloxane film on the 1st coating, with enzymes incorporated.

Second approach: a single siloxane layer on the glass substrate containing both the oxygen sensor as well as the enzymes.

The coating materials developed in the project are suitable to be used in a family of novel enzyme based optic sensors allowing real time, continuous, local, in line monitoring of biotechnological processes

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