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Host centric multi-homing solution implementation

The general objective of this activity was to develop and implement a Host Centric Multi-homing solution, aligned with the proposals made on IETF multi6 and shim6 working groups. In this context, the following developments have been achieved:

-·Source address selection policies management tool. A kernel patch and a user space utility were developed for USAGI IPv6 implementation, in order to easily change the kernel label table configuration described in RFC 3484, and providing the related support in the kernel.
-·Basic host centric multi-homing solution and web based demonstration scenario. A basic multi-homing solution based on tunnelling between site exit routers was developed. It was implemented in site exit routers and had two parts:
- Configuration of 6in6 tunnels among each exit router.
- Source address dependent routing in the routers, implemented using ipfilter in FreeBSD and ip6tables in Linux. This scenario has been emulated inside a Linux based personal computer using VNUML virtualisation tool and a web-based interface was developed in order to allow remote users to test and understand the multi-homing solution.
-·Multi-homing Policy language definition and tools. In order to simplify the configuration of tunnels in exit routers, we designed and implemented a solution based on the definition of the multi-homing policies of an organization using XML based specifications, which can be later processed by some especially developed tools to automatically generate router configurations. This solution was later integrated in the Policy Based Management system developed by UMU.
·Automatic tunnelling solution based on anycast addresses. Another approach was developed to solve the multi-homing ingress filtering problem based on the automatic establishment of tunnels among site-exit routers based on the use of site-exit anycast addresses distributed through the organization IGP. This approach has been implemented over quagga routing software and works in both GNU/Linux and FreeBSD operating systems

Delivering source address selection policies to hosts. We have implemented solutions to deliver source address selection policies to final multi-homing hosts. Two different approaches have been taken:
- Source address selection policies distribution using Router Advertisements.
- Source address selection policies distribution using DHCPv6 option (partially implemented).

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