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APRE has a new president: Mr Ezio Andreta

Since last 1° of June, APRE has a new president: Mr Ezio Andreta. Mr Andreta has been Director of the DG Research at the European Commission since 1995. APRE is a non-profit organisation based in Italy that provides information, assistance and training in order to promote Italian participation in European research, development and technological innovation. APRE was created upon the joint initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Commission in 1989 and is supported by approximately 80 member organisations, which comprise public and private research centres, industries, industrial associations, chambers of commerce, science parks and 38 universities. APRE’s head office is situated in Rome and can count on a network of regional helpdesks located throughout Italy. Our free of charge services include: a help line, organisation of info-days, partner search, web-based information, publications and training sessions. APRE has been active in this sector since 1990. Further information can be obtained at .


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