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Apply for the IRE Award for the Best European Innovation Scheme

The Innovating Regions in Europe (IRE) network is pleased to invite European regions to apply for the IRE Award for Best European Innovation Scheme, which aims to distinguish successful measures related to regional innovation policies. The Award will be presented to the best innovation scheme identified at the 5th IRE Plenary Conference in May 2007.

The IRE network aims to facilitate exchange of experience and good practice among European regions enhancing their innovation capacity and competitiveness through the development and implementation of regional innovation strategies and schemes (see The IRE Award is launched with the aim to recognising the best innovation scheme developed and implemented by a European region. A regional innovation scheme is defined as a clear and identifiable set of actions that are implemented to promote innovation in the regions and to enhance the performance of regional innovation systems. The schemes, which should already be in the process of implementation and able to demonstrate clear results, could be related to innovation policy topics, such as entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer, the promotion of an innovation culture, innovative clusters or innovation financing. Applications to the IRE Award should be submitted using a specific application form. The deadline for submitting application forms to the IRE Secretariat is 15 February 2007. The applications will be evaluated by a panel which will select four nominees, who will be invited to attend the award ceremony that will take place at the IRE Plenary Conference on 24-25 May 2007 in Shannon, Ireland. The winner of the award will be announced at the ceremony. More information about the IRE Award, including practical details and the application form, is available at