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Industrial R&D Economic and Policy Analysis Report 2006

The Economic and Policy Analysis Report sheds light on policy questions related to industrial research and innovation. It elaborates on the findings of the Industrial Research Investment Monitoring (IRIM) activities that are jointly carried out by the European Commission's Directorate General Joint Research Centre and the Directorate General Research.

The report uses, in particular, the results of the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard and the EU Survey on Business Trends in R&D Investments. The wider economic context and recent trends are derived from the literature reviewed in the Annual Digest of Industrial Research, including the main documents from other Commission services. This first edition addresses policy questions of a more general nature, largely on the basis of the existing literature and estimates of the impact of private R&D. It has benefited considerably from the comments of experts in the field. Future editions will also make use of publicly available information. This will be complemented to a greater extent by original statistical and econometric work, using the results of the IRIM activities and drawing from the analysis of industrial research investment at firm, sector, country and EU levels, including economic model simulations of the impact of R&D. For more information and document's download: