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CORDIS Express: Focus on cancer research

This edition of CORDIS Express takes a look at recent projects, news items and events focused on cancer research.

Cancer statistics in Europe are stark: according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the disease causes 20 % of deaths in the European Region. With more than 3 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths each year, cancer is the most important cause of death and morbidity in Europe after cardiovascular diseases. However, most of us don’t have to look to the statistics to be convinced. The majority of Europeans have been touched by cancer in some way, whether through friends, family or personal experience. We know that cancer enters lives indiscriminately and can have devastating effects. What we also now know that cancer is in many cases avoidable, and early detection increases the chance of cure substantially. In fact, WHO says that enough is already known about the causes to prevent at least one third of all cancers, and some of the most common types – including breast, colorectal and cervical cancer – can be cured if detected early. This knowledge has come about through intense research efforts which have also led to the development of successful anti-cancer therapies and treatments. Horizon 2020 is supporting emerging endeavours in this area under the challenge of Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing. Among other things, research and innovation supported by this call aims to improve our understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying disease; and improve our ability to monitor health and to prevent, detect, treat and manage disease. Not only will research efforts feed into improving detection and treatment, they will also help influence policy. The EU’s recently-established Expert Group on Cancer Control intends to use this kind of research when assisting the Commission in the drawing up of legal instruments and policy documents, guidelines and recommendations on cancer control. This edition of CORDIS Express takes a look at recent research projects, news items and events focused on exploring the causes of cancer and its detection and treatment. - A step forward in personalised, targeted cancer treatment - Study reveals new information on genetic architecture of kidney cancer - New test for sexually transmitted virus could reduce cancer risks - New stent to help lung cancer victims breathe easier - EACR Conference on Radiation Biology and Cancer - Follow-up for childhood cancer survivors - Multifunctional Nanotechnology for selective detection and Treatment of cancer



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