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EIG CONCERT-Japan: Launch of the 3rd Joint Call for Euro-Japanese projects in the field of "Food Crops and Biomass Production Technologies"

EIG CONCERT-Japan is pleased to inform that its "Food Crops and Biomass Production Technologies" Joint Call will be launched on 10 February until 28 April 2016. Projects with an innovative dimension will be funded for a period of 3 years. 5 European and Japanese funding organisations are taking part in that Call.

The Joint Call is funded by 5 national funding organisations from 5 different countries: • Japan Science and Technology Agency (Japan) • National Centre for Scientific Research (France) • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany) • Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spain) • Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Turkey) Only researchers based in these countries are eligible for funding in this EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call. Other researchers/research teams from other countries/regions may participate as additional partners in a project consortium if they can prove that they have secured funding from other sources. The overall aim of this call is to support scientific research to further our understanding of the various phenotypes of useful food crops and biomass (including also algae biomass) plant species under a variety of environmental conditions towards improved yield and quality/functionality of those species under changing global climate. Project consortium should consist of at least 3 beneficiaries: one from Japan and two from two different European countries participating in the Joint Call. Funding will be provided for a maximum duration of 3 years, starting in October 2016. The research projects are expected to have mobility and networking dimensions in addition to the core research component. It is expected that 5 projects will be selected. About EIG CONCERT-Japan CONCERT-Japan (Connecting and Coordinating European Research and Technology Development with Japan) began as an ERA-NET project funded by the FP7 between 2011 and 2014. Its primary function is to collaboratively implement multilateral joint funding with the objective of enhancing the cooperation between European countries and Japan in various fields of STI. CONCERT-Japan is now continuing independently of EU support as an activity of the European Interest Group (EIG), hence the name "EIG CONCERT-Japan". For more information on the EIG and the Joint Call submission process, please visit the website: The Joint Call Text, Thematic Area Description and Guidelines are available for download. Joint Call Secretariat:


Plant, Crops, Biomass, Algae


Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Türkiye

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