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Leading European science and technology conference to gather international biomass community

This year’s European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) focuses on research, innovation and science-based policymaking.

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As Europe's leading biomass science and industry platform, EUBCE 2019 combines one of the largest science and technology conferences with an exceptional industry exhibition that attracts biomass professionals from all over the world. In addition to research and industrial exhibitors, the EUBCE draws participants from wide-ranging backgrounds, including researchers, engineers, technologists, standards organisations, policy-makers and financing institutions. This year’s discussions will centre around biomass resources, bioenergy integration in energy systems, and biomass sustainability, impacts and policies. Additionally, biomass conversion technologies for heating, cooling and electricity, as well as for energy carriers, chemicals and materials, will also be explored during the conference. As a promising option in the battle against climate change, biomass energy has a vital role to play in the global renewable energy mix. “Biomass is […] part of this fantastic transformation that the EU is leading, combating climate change and building an Energy Union that ensures that energy supply is safe, viable and accessible to all,” says EUBCE 2019 Conference General Chair Prof. Maria da Graça Carvalho. The upcoming conference will provide fertile ground for discussion on all recent developments in the renewable energy field. According to Prof. Carvalho, “EUBCE 2019 is about promoting research and innovation in biomass, bioenergy and biomaterials from frontier research to assessing the challenges and successes of industrial applications.” However, this will not be the event’s only focus. Besides research and innovation, the event will also draw attention to the role of scientific evidence in policy-making in the biomass, bioenergy and biomaterials fields. The 27th edition of the EUBCE will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 27 to 30 May. For more information, please see: EUBCE website