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Fundamental Research

The considerable progress made in the field of stem cell-based therapy has shown its significant potential applications for the regeneration of defective tissues and organs. Although previous studies have yielded promising results, various limitations remain and should be overcome for translating stem cell-based therapies to clinics. As a possible solution to current bottlenecks, cell sheet engineering (CSE) is an efficient scaffold-free method for harvesting intact cell sheets without the use of proteolytic enzymes and may be able to accelerate the adoption of stem cell-based treatments for damaged tissues and organs regeneration. Cell Sheet Engineering uses a temperature-responsive polymer-immobilized surface to form unique, scaffold-free cell sheets composed of one or more cell layers maintained with important inter cellular junctions, cell-secreted extracellular matrices, and other important cell surface proteins, which can be achieved by changing the surrounding temperature. These three-dimensional cell sheet-based tissues can be designed for use in clinical applications to target-specific tissue regeneration. A talk on Stem cells and Tissue Regeneration at Stem Cells Congress 2019 Attend Stem Cells Congress 2019, Tokyo, Japan. To know more about the recent advancements in Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration, do attend Stem Cells Conference: To register kindly contact us. Veronica Carter Program Director | Stem Cells 2019 Email: Phone: (44) 20 3769 1778


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